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Loyalty Points

Our loyalty points scheme is here to reward you for shopping with us, giving you money off your orders!

You'll automatically receive 1 loyalty point, worth 2p, for every full £1 you spend. You can choose to spend your loyalty points and get a discount on your next order, or you can save them up until you have enough to indulge in some beautiful lingerie absolutely free!

Be sure to look out for special loyalty points events throughout the year, when you can earn loyalty points worth more money each.

Do I need a customer account to get loyalty points?
Yes, you'll need to be signed in or create a customer account during checkout - this is so that we know how many loyalty points you have next time you shop with us. But if you forgot to create an account don't worry, just drop us an email with your order number and we can create one and credit your loyalty points to it!

When will I receive my loyalty points?
Your loyalty points will be credited to your account once your order is dispatched, and then they can be spent right away.

How do I spend loyalty points?
Simply log into your account before placing your order, and then at checkout you will see your loyalty points balance and will be asked if you would like to spend them now or not.

Do loyalty points expire?
No, they never expire! They'll last until you spend them, giving you the option to save them up to treat yourself to something free when you have enough.

How can I check my loyalty points balance?
You can see how many loyalty points you have at any time by logging into your account at the bottom right corner of our website.
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